Our Inspiration

Welcome to our WoodfulArt Family.

Our story begins as two souls meeting in Israel for the first time with a mutual love for art, nature and for the land of Israel.

Shirlee grew up in California, and at the age of 18 , Israel called out to her heart. She was brought up in a Jewish Zionistic home, destined to one day become an Israeli citizen.  Shirlee made Aliyah and met her husband, Ofek, who grew up in a rural home in the heart of the Northern Galilee.
We met while living in an Eco-Friendly farm near Jerusalem, living a peaceful and happy life close to nature. The feel of the fresh clean air, our feet upon the earth, and the smell of trees, rooted deep within and brought daily inspiration to us!

After a while, we decided to move to a small village in the South of Israel, where we live in the community of Garin-Harel, a sustainable community living together with values of mutual responsibility, self growth and development.
Here we decided to open our family business, where Shirlee creates her artwork and Ofek uses his years of professional experience in craftsmanship and wood work to bring our dreams to fruition. 

Having the ability to do what we love, gives us the opportunity to create each art piece with passion and excitement! We smile with the magic of creation and with the thought of being able to bring new light to your home! 
We wake up in the morning with a smile, with the smell of wood in the air as we step into our workshop and enjoy the opportunity that we have to create an Israeli cultural experience here and transfer it straight to your home. We believe that everything that comes into your home should be constructed with care and quality.
Many of our customers keep in touch with us, and repetitively order additional works from us, while sending us exciting pictures of our products on the walls of their home.

The wood we use is treated and made durable and reliable for years.  

In our workshop at WoodfulArt, we place an emphasis on importing wood from plantations planted for felling purposes and we do not purchase wood that is cut from natural forests, out of consideration for the environment. 

We prepare wooden art works for private homes, cafes and restaurants, businesses and hotels, synagogues and more.

 We are here to fulfill your dream and to give you the professionalism and experience we have accumulated in hundreds of works, and provide you with admirable decorations that will illuminate your home and will not cease to be the topic of conversation of every guest in your living room. 

We can guarantee that the beauty of our artworks will excite you every time you take a look!

With Love, 
The WoodfulArt Family